Centennial Celebration

Homeicon@3x-150x150Along with many other Cleveland institutions, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016. This string of 29, and growing, unique nationality gardens on over 200 acres along MLK Blvd. is dedicated to peace and understanding through each nationality sharing its achievements and contributions to the betterment of society. Within the gardens are numerous depictions of significant personalities in the pursuit of peace; Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Confucius, music; Liszt, Beethoven, literature; William Shakespeare, James Joyce, Mark Twain, and sciences; Nikola Tesla, Leonardo DaVinci, Madame Currie  among many others. It is through this recognition of each culture’s contributions that the true understanding among people can take place.

To celebrate this milestone, we, the Federation that governs the gardens, are kicking off our Centennial Campaign to raise an initial $750,000. Our long term goals are to create an ongoing Endowment Fund to help maintain and grow the gardens for the next hundred years. The funds will be used for restoration, improvements, and to focus on the mission of the gardens, Peace Through Mutual Understanding. The focal part of this legacy project will be the construction of a Centennial Plaza to be located in the midway point of the gardens. It will feature a large open plaza for performances and gatherings, a fountain derived from our logo which depicts a sphere being held up by hands which also closely resembles flowers.  The plans also call for recognition of donors where the names of those who supported us in our mission will be honored.

The attached sponsor’s page and ad rates sheet gives details of the different levels and benefits available. At some levels of support your generosity will be honored at both events.

1926 Shakespeare_Cultural_Garden_tree_planting_ceremony

1926 – Shakespeare Cultural Garden, tree planting ceremony “City Manager Hopkins and Ethel Barrymore entering gate at Shakespeare Gardens”–photo verso. Also referred to as the English or British Garden. From Cleveland Cultural Gardens Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection

We are a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers for its entire history. All your donations are tax deductible. Your investment in this community treasure will help endow a legacy.  Please lend your financial support to this cultural institution unique to the world.

crowd at garden

Part of the 10,000+ crowd enjoying the 2015 One World Day at the gardens. Photo: Lisa Wong.

A complete list of scheduled events can be seen here.

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