African American Garden

New Garden to be build soon – sign, flag and seasonal landscape are in place now.

Address: 890 MLK Blvd.


Dedicated: Oct. 23, 1977 Designer: Danial W. Bickerstaff

Design Concept: The Past Pavillion seeks to translate the experience of the initial aspects of the “Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade” through the reinterpretation of the corridors, dungeons and ultimately the “Door of No Return” of the slave castles located along the western coast of Africa.

Significance: The Garden depicts stages of the Slave passage to the new world with its polished black granite sculptural “walls” wich create a sensation of compression, tension and apprehension. The Doorway of No Return is the sandstone portal which address the notion of unknown transition. The Infinity Fountain echoes the illusionary tranqility of the Atlantic Ocean as seen through the actual Doorway of No Return.

Water Fetures: Cascading water represents the integral part the Atlantic Ocean played in our Immigration to the America and its continueum from the past to the Future Pavilion. Located at the base of the black granite Pyramidal Concave is an engraved may of Africa.