German Garden

Address: 1036 East Boulevard, Cleveland

Sponsor: The Federation of German-American of Greater Cleveland

Contact: Hans Kopp 440 888 6738,

General layout: Rectangular open lawn, called the Goethe-Schiller square surrounded by low wall with statues and surrounded by linden trees.


June10gardens2M-020Goethe and Schiller; world renown philosophers and writers. In the center of the garden is the largest monument in the Cleveland Cultural Garden System, the Goethe-Schiller monument. Bronze statue dedicated in 1907 at Wade Park and rededicated 1927 at 1036 east Blvd. Designed by artist Ernst Rietschel cast in1857. (for general information; one Goethe-Schiller monument is located in Weimar, Germany, one in San Francisco, one in Cleveland and one in Milwaukee)

Father Friedrich Jahn; founder of calisthenics exercises and designer of all gymnastic apparatuses of modern day (such as the horse, rings, parallel bars and balance beam.) – photo below

Johann Sebastian Bach; (1685-1750) composer.

Alexander Humboldt; (1769-1859), described as the “last universal scholar in the field of natural sciences”.

Heinrich Heine; (1797-1856), world-famous poet.

Ludwig van Beethoven; (1770-1827), composer.

Marble fountain dedicated to Friedrich Froebel, founder of the Kindergarten System (unfortunately under decay).


Special credit:

Charles (Karl) Wolfram first president and founder the Cleveland Cultural Garden System. During his leadership of 25 years 18 cultural gardens were established.

The Kopp family is the present custodian of the garden.