India Garden

1190 MLK Jr. Blvd

Contact:, Raj Pillai,

Dedicated; 2005 Designer: Jim McKnight, Chester Turner

June10gardens2M-058-150x150Statue: Mahatma Gandhi, 1869 -1948, Father of Nation, Led non-violent movement to win freedom for India from British rule. Influenced many others, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Other features: Six Heritage Pillars

*Universal Brotherhood – Inscriptions include ancient text stating that the whole world is one family.

*Legacy -India’s contributions to humanity.

*Artistic Traditions – India’s visual and performing arts traditions and major artists.

*Leadership – Major leaders in both ancient and modern India.

*Modern India – Status of modern India and Indian diaspora in America.

*Connections – Historical connections between India and America.


Water feature: India Garden borders Doan Brook. Steps leading to Doan Brook are in the final plans for the garden, reminiscent of steps (known as ghats) leading to rivers—a common sight in India.

Symbolism: Inscriptions the walkway at the entrance to the garden say “Welcome” in 15 of India’s major languages as well as English. All Heritage pillars depict a lotus flower in relief. Lotus if the national flower of India.

Plantings: An Eastern Redbud was planted at the India Garden in 2008 by Prof. Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of the Mahatma.

Future work: A 24-ft tall granite gate with carvings to be erected at the entrance to the garden is still in the planning stages.