Syrian Garden


The History

In 1896, Mr. John D. Rockefeller donated a prime stretch of land, 254 acres, to the city of Cleveland to create a memorial area for the diverse ethnic groups that shaped the region, and to be a space of reflection about peace, cooperation and mutual understanding.
Now, this precious space lies in the center of the cultural area in Cleveland, flanked by World Class institutions in Medicine, Arts and Music. It stretches along a 2 miles tranquil ravine and beautiful wooded land. It hosts over 24 gardens representing different nationalities, with pride, harmony and serenity.
The Syrian American community was among the first waves of immigrants to settle in Northeastern Ohio and to nurture the professional and cultural life of this area for over 120 years. In 1929, the Syrian American Community was allocated a beautiful piece of land in the middle of this park, and the time has come to build it up.

The Project

The Syrian American community in this region is embarking on building this beautiful garden. We are aspiring to build an eternal garden that will immortalize the rich and diverse history and culture of Syria and its people throughout the ages. It will be a source of pride for us and for our future generations in the United States. Indeed this will be such a unique monument for the history and culture of Syria throughout the world.
To that end, we have chosen a design drawn by architectural graduate students from Damascus University Misses Raghda Helal and Nagham Nano, to be the nucleus design of the garden, which will contain elements from the different aspects of Syrian heritage: the Arches of Palmyra, the Amphitheater of Basra, the Syrian Arch and the Arabic Fountain, all decorated with authentic colors. The span of Syrian history will be carved on the top surfaces of 6 pedestal columns, one square meter each. The landscape will have Damascene roses.

This project belongs to all of us throughout the United States, Syrian and Arab Americans alike, and will be a gift to the world. Your support will be greatly appreciated by our hard working team who put tremendous efforts in making this project a reality.

The Syrian Cultural Gardens Association

The Executive Committee: Adnan Mourany,president , Jamil Dayeh, Layla Khouri, Wael Khoury,
The Project Chair: Wael Khoury, Co-Chair: Rima Azmeh Akhrass, Chief Engineer: Jamil Dayeh
The Board: Naim Farhat, Rima Azmeh, Fadi Bashour, Tony George, Maan Fares, Ahmed Ascha, Basel Mousa, Marwan Hilal, Bassam Khawam, Lila Raslan.
Auxiliary Committee: Liliane Azem, Daad Bashour, Lina Bshara, Kinda Farhat, Randa Hilal, Sawssan Khoury, Alma Korkor, Mayssoun Shaar, Mayssoun Tajour.