Vietnamese Garden



The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation (CCGF) announced in November, 2012, the acceptance of the Friendship Foundation of American Vietnamese (FFAVN) as the sponsoring organization within the CCGF committed to work toward the development and creation of the Vietnamese Cultural Garden.

On August 19, 2015, we are pleased to announce that the City of Cleveland Committee of the Whole have unanimously approved legislation that designates the Vietnamese Cultural Garden as part of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. This legislation was enthusiastically sponsored by ALL Council Members and marks a major milestone toward making this Garden a reality.

Located toward the North end of Martin Luther King Blvd., on the East side of the street, the Vietnamese Cultural Garden is proud to join the CCGF.   Our goal is to share the culture and traditions of the Vietnamese people, thereby fostering understanding, friendship, and cooperation among the peoples of various nations.

For more information, visit the Vietnamese Cultural Garden’s website.